1. Subscribe in Account Dashboard
    Account wallets can be used for payment. Plans may be cancelled in your dashboard anytime – no refunds given should time remain.  Site remains “live” for time remaining.
  2. Select a Site URL
    (i.e., )
  3. Select a Site Name
    (i.e. Your Name, Future of Money, My Bitcoin Biz, anything you want)
  4. Auto-Login to land on your site Dashboard
  5. Enter Your Data to auto-populate your Site
  6. Start sharing your new site!

What is important is to carefully choose a “Site URL” as this is what you will share with others.  Try to avoid choosing a site URL that only means something to YOU only.  The goal is to choose a simple site URL that OTHERS can remember and share 🙂

Your “Site Name” is a tagline and can be anything you want – however, it is what appears in the tab of a web browser and should be a short phrase; no more than 5 or 6 words. Tagline that are too long will be revised by the webmaster.

The absolute most important and only task is to complete the PERSONAL DATA form immediately after setup.  Instructions are found in your Dashboard (where you land after successful setup) – so please, read and follow the instructions so your site is auto-populated with your AiTrades personal referral link, email, and more. No one will do this for you, it is your responsibility to enter the data correctly.