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Because first impressions count.  Let’s face it – people Google before they shop, travel, dine…you name it.  So your online presence really has to be the best it can be – especially for a website that is cryptocurrency-related.  A Facebook page or group is fine for communicating with each other, but it is not usually sufficient to gain the interest of an investor.  Facebook is “social” media – trading bitcoin is “business” for most people.  So if your online presence is weak, or amateurish, you’ll likely be dismissed entirely – along with the great potential offered by the AiT and Bitcoin.

When a person becomes interested in trading and joining your team, they are bound to have a lot of questions.  While we can communicate quickly using a variety of methods, it’s important to have resources and information a person can take their time to review.  If you can’t provide the right info, both the person you’re relating to and you – will miss an opportunity that is really starting to get serious.

Having a professional, polished looking bitcoin website that functions easily on any device, offers reliable quality content, and delivers an overall experience that engages and informs confidence is key to your success.  There is no hosting, design/development, maintenance, or updating – that is handled for every subscriber.  You can cancel anytime.